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Posted By: Uncle Brad (UncleBrad)

N3ZI provids a number of solutions for adapting your vintage receiver or transceiver for digital VFOs.  Hammarlund, Swan, Heathkit, Drake, Galaxy and more!

I have been using the ESP DDS that is part of the N3ZI 
design and Ron Hankens puts it in a nice box and interface for most 
older rigs. It has about 1 V P/P output and it will drive most rigs, 
Drake series including TR-7's, Swan, etc only single output, so 
pre-mixer type or direct it works great, plus 30 memories for different 
frequencies like the Swan gear. -Jeff Covelli, WA8SAJ

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Brother Stair Back on the Air Soon?

Released on January 24 with a $750,000 bail
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Check Out the National NC-183D!

Thanks to Jerry, K9GAS, for this superb example.
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Philo T. Farnsworth Fiasco

Forgotten Relics of Inventor of Electronic TV
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What Was Your First Rig?

Another N6TLU Question of the Day, 2017 AM Get Together, Sturgis MI
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W8TOW Resurrects a BC779 SuperPro

Steve releases YouTube videos on operation & alignment
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W9DYV Presentation Videos - Jonesborough, TN 2016

The presentations of Bob Heil, Mike Bohn, Bob Nickels and others now on YouTube!
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2018 Novice Rig Roundup

March 3, 2018 - March 11, 2018

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