Lake Erie Boatanchors

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The Lake Erie Boatanchor group is a bunch of ham radio enthusiasts that have a huge appreciation for old ham radio equipment. There is no organization and no membership.

The meetings that we have are NOT hamfests! I wish to emphasize that. The meeting is a place to see friends and bring any old ham radio equipment that you wish to see passed on for use by someone else. All equipment exchanged at our meetings is done without regard to what the equipment may be worth on an internet auction site. We simply expect that you will personally use any equipment that you acquire at our meetings. Reselling any of this equipment and profiting from our generosity is strongly frowned upon and asking Ebay prices for equipment that you bring will not be welcomed. 

   The ARUFON frequency is: 3.845 on 75 metersThe ARUFON time is: Sundays at 8 PM EDT The ARUFON ***7/24 *Echo Link Node = 712627Fellow Swan user and nice guy, Rich, W1RV, is active on this net....  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  04/14/2018 
   Six million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online.  Make sure you have a full mug of coffee before you relax with this site.  You can view scans of the classic magazines like Popular Electronics and many more....  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  04/03/2018 
   Excellent resource for all kind of restoration parts, including glass, grille cloth, hardware, labels and decals, speakers, transformers and much more....  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  02/08/2018 
   The montly International Publication For Buyers And Sellers Of Old Radios And Related Items.  Back issues, books and other products are available online....  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  02/07/2018 
   I can honestly say that our old ARIES infrastructure was in shambles.  Mark, N9GDR, has for years now has driven much-needed authority, professionalism and technology into our severe weather reporting.  I first met Mark around 1974, when he was a Novice, and I swapped him something for an Ameco AC-1.Central Indiana Skywarn Net linked repeater systemIndianapolis146.970MHz -600kH...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  01/26/2018 
   Danny,  W9DWS, made his tower site available for our MCRN get-together on Sep 10, 2016. There was a morning rain that might have kept a few net members from making the trip. He has one of the biggest towers around with a ham shack in the tower. It is 231 feet tall including the antennas. It is a former AT&T relay tower located at LaPorte, IN.  Danny is checks in to the Midwest C...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  12/09/2017 
   I was given this photo of Si & Ezra by my Grandmother, Thelma Stone - the sister of noted CBS author and announcer Fielden Farrington.  Grandma thought that Si & Ezra were inspired by Lum & Abner, but since this dates back to 1925, it may be the other way around.  This photo was given to Fielden while he was starting his radio career at WBOW in Terre Haute, Indiana in th...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  12/07/2017 
   3890 AM Texoma Traders NetThis net meets on 3890 kHz every Saturday morning at 0700 Central (early check-in beginning at 0630) to encourage the use of AM operation. We offer a great opportunity for you to buy, sell, and trade vintage gear. We have operators in over a 5 state area operating everything from vintage gear, solid-state, converted military and vintage AM broadcast transmitters. Please j...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  08/19/2017 
   Building, Preserving and OperatingVintage Single Sideband Amateur Radio EquipmentVintage Sideband Net participants recognize the importance of preserving the names and accomplishments of the many pioneers of Amateur Radio manufacturing. We keep the flame burning by offering information regarding communications equipment produced by those great organizations. We maintain classic transmitting and re...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  06/03/2017 

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