New Arrival: RME 6900 & 6901 Speaker

Recognizing Radio Amateurs 0 Comments 11/25/2017 (This is a Level 0 News item)

Thanks to Bill, W4MA

The big brown UPS truck just delivered to me a beautiful RME 6900 receiver, along with its 6901 speaker.  Bill, W4MA from Georgia decided to let it go after a long ownership, and posted it on QTH.COM.  I'm the lucky one to get it.  Bill is as meticulous in his packing as he is in his care for his radios.

The sceldom-seen RME 6900 receiver was the last effort from RME, which had since been purchased by Electro-Voice.  I don't use the word "rare" often, but the matching 6901 speaker is truly rare.  In all my years of collecting, I'd never seen one.  Electrically, it was getting long-in-tooth, and - though a reasonably competent performer - wasn't able to compete with the changing amateur radio market.

First impressions: fun to operate.  Not a hint of hum.  After warm-up, a decent performer in the sidebands.  Tight (maybe too tight) selectivity in CW mode.  Pleasant AGC, but mind the RF gain and BFO injection.   The S-Meter is hard to see unless you're right up to it, viewing from the correct angle is a necessity.   AM operation is juussst right.  The characteristic quirkiness of earlier RME VFO drives is gone.  Sensitivity is a bit down, but this a totally original example.  It appears that nothing has been touched inside!  This is not as good as a receiver as the NC-303 (one of its rivals).  The 6901  sounds fine. 

I really like the size, weight and its distictive appearance.  This one will be mated with the Gonset GSB-100/1-1 rack (hopefully in time for the next Vintage Sideband Net in spite of the abysmal band conditions.)

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