Brother Stair Back on the Air Soon?

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Released on January 24 with a $750,000 bail

In truth, Brother Stair never really left the shortwaves. WBCQ (and others?) replayed archived Overcomer Ministry shows while Brother Stair was incarcerated.

In fact, shortly after Stair was taken into custody last month, WBCQ’s Allan Weiner–a friend of Brother Stair – shared his thoughts on the air

Mr. Weiner: Why do you have concerns about how Brother Stair's arrest and return was accomplished?  Stair had ADMITTED his guilt in his previous arrest, and told his listeners that they have no right to judge him, because God Almighty has forgiven him (as reported by his "annoited" wife).  For several weeks prior to his arrest, he repeatedly inimated that he did not know how much longer he could be on the air.

The charges this time were:

  • 3 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct [Rape]
  • 1 count of Assault with intent to commit first-degree criminal sexual conduct [Rape]
  • 1 count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  • 1 count of second-degree Assault
  • 1 count of Kidnapping
  • 1 count of Burglary

Plus, they have issued a search warrant for the property. (Source)

So, Mr. Weiner, the raid was not warrantless, and you're advised to find some new friends before looking for new station content.  

  • Reality: radio stations will be understandably pulling Brother Stair from their schedules. 
  • Reality: had my daughter been in that Walterboro cult, the feds would have to forceably hold me back.


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