Super Hoosier DynaLoop

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Construction and Description of a 160M loop antenna

Posted By: Uncle Brad (UncleBrad)

The Super Hoosier DynaLoop consists of four 35ft (average) utility poles buried an average of 5ft, 125ft LMR-400 from R&L Electronics, a 5KW-rated 4-1 balun, rope and marine-grade hardware (mostly from EBay) and a 20ft length of 300ohm ladder line..  The closest pole is nearly 100ft away from the shack.  The poles are 140ft apart.  The antenna is far away from any power lines, and occupies the back 1.5 acres of my property.  Note that one pole was a bit short, so had to be built up with a treated 2X4.

The basic plans for this antenna has been copied and posted in many places on the Internet, but here is one reference. 

To achieve resonance where I needed, the math-derived 558ft proved to be way too long; the actual length was trimmed down to something close to 610' (in all my years of building wire antennas, I've never found correlation between theory and operation.)

There are clearly a complex multitude of primary and secondary resonances in this antenna with the balun.   Automatic antenna tuners just will not work reliably.  I attempted to hook up an MFJ remote tuner on the pole, but gave up: it was too easily confused.   I currently use a vintage, beefy Heathkit SA-2060A on the shack side, knowing that I'm heating up over 100 foot of coax.

The performance is generally good, and noise is quite low.  The arrangement works well with the excellent Acom 1010 amplifier at 750W, but I'm reluctant to push it to legal limit with my manly Heathkit HL-2200 (despite the theory.)  I'm now able to work most AM traffic in Wisconsin and Michigan, with was nearly impossible on my end-feds.

You will need a competent contractor, four utility poles and a skid loader with an auger.  It's tricky to manipulate the long, heavy poles with a such a small skid loader, but it can be done.  Bring chains and a few extra pairs of hands for help.

Use the best stainless hardware and rope you can find, and change out the rope every couple of years, because you don't want to have to climb the poles.  Total cost for me was around $1200, but I was lucky; it isn't always easy to find resources like this.  But with a little bit of maintenance, I should never have to worry about competent antenna options on the lower frequencies again.

   For over nearly five years, spanning 1978 - 1983 I worked as an Electronics Technician and the original Bearcat manufacturing and service facility in Cumberland, Indiana.  Electra was one of the best places I've ever worked, and were among the many innovative consumer electronics companies which sprang up in and around Indianapolis.  Al Lovell, a former employee of Regency (also in I...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  02/22/2018 
   The tube-type Linear Master Oscillators (“LMO”) used in the Heathkit SB-Line equipment is a very stable and accurate means of controlling the frequency in the equipment. Unfortunately, as the units age, many LMOs develop a “warble” when tuning. This “warble” usually stops when the frequency control knob is not rotated. However, accurately “zero-beating&rdq...  READ MORE
- Uncle Brad (UncleBrad),  02/08/2018 

NB9M Studio C Installed

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Remembering Fielden Farrington

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W9DYV Jonesborough, TN 2017 Event

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Cleaning & Maintaining Collectible Radios

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Cleaning & Maintaining Collectible RadiosIf you have found a treasure in reasonably good cosmetic condition, there is process to improve and stabilize it without a lot of work.Before you begin, ensure you have the best panels and other parts for your radios.  I use the best covers, knobs, meters and other components from donor rigs all the time. The fundamentals are the same as detai...  READ MORE
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