Hallicrafters S-120A


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Toward the end of Hallicrafters company history in the early 1970s, the S-120A was introduced. It is a small, inexpensive solid state general coverage receiver. I imagine someone in the board room believed that the original S-120 magic could be recreated, but - unfortunately - it didn't happen. Nevertheless, when I was a kid, I wanted one of these badly!

This (uncommon) S-120A came from the 2018 Sturgis, MI meet. It's super clean, has minimal cosmetic defects, and it works. There is a slight bit of power supply hum. The BFO works. It receives on all bands. Performance is, of course, unremarkable. But it's the charm and the history that pulls us to these old receivers. This is the best example I've seen, but - to be frank - I haven't seen very many at all.

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