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The Smart Potato
Makimg A Scathing Point About Useless Smart Gadgets

I almost walked right by it. But then I realized the object the young man was holding up, apparently thrilling the small crowd gathered around his tiny CES 2020 booth, was a potato.The vegetable in question looked like an ordinary, chunky Idaho spud, although protruding out of one side was some kind of antenna, a black plastic appendage bent upward. Close to the potato's surface, the...  READ MORE

W9DYV Radio Symposium Flyer (.pdf)
Winterfest 2020 – St. Louis Friday January 24th, 2020

Click the link above to view and/or print the PDF fileThe 8th W9DYV's Amateur Radio SymposiumJanuary 24-25, 2020If you boatanchor guys in the Midwest really wanted to attend the W9DYV Radio Symposium in past years but didn't relish so long of a drive, fret no longer - the Symposium is coming near you!Next year, boatanchor/restoration enthusiasts, historian-hobbyists and those wishing ...  READ MORE

Hamfests & Swapmeets
Air Force finally retires 8" floppies
IBM Series/1 computers still used in missile launch control

Five years ago, a CBS 60 Minutes report publicized a bit of technology trivia many in the defense community were aware of: the fact that eight-inch floppy disks were still used to store data critical to operating the Air Force's intercontinental ballistic missile command, control, and communications network. The system, once called the Strategic Air Command Digital Network ...  READ MORE

In Other News
Would you trust a flying car?
Porsche and Boeing team up on prototype

The companies have created a mockup of a vehicle that looks like a sleeker version of the Batmobile from The Dark Knight Rises – exactly what you might expect from Porsche designers....While Jetson-style flying cars seem far-fetched and face numerous safety obstacles, consulting firms are pretty upbeat about their potential. Deloitte predicts sales will start slowly in the US, but by 20...  READ MORE

In Other News
Cassette Tape Production Delays
Worldwide Material Shortage Delays Cassette Tape Production

National Audio Company, the largest cassette tape manufacturer in the U.S., hopes to return production to “normal” by end of year.While the cassette resurgence has not matched the vinyl boom, tape sales are on the rise, growing 23% in 2018. This has led to a period of immense productivity for National Audio Company, the largest audio cassette tape manufacturer in the United S...  READ MORE

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AM & SSB: A ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’
Online Petition to ARRL

Click the link above to leave your name and call if you wish to support Bob's plea.Hello to my friends and Directors of the ARRL,I noted with pleasure that the ARRL Board has passed a motion addressing HF data bandwidth.For many years, there has been an outcry from HF AM operators to have the ARRL Board address the situation of the original ‘Gentlemen’s’ agreement that w...  READ MORE

Need a Hand
The FACOM 128B (Japan)
Technician keeps the 1959 computer humming.

NUMAZU, Shizuoka Prefecture--Long obsolete and not just a museum piece, an early massive computer developed 60 years ago remains working, thanks to a technician dedicated to preserving it for future generations.Tadao Hamada believes that keeping the historic FACOM128B operational will help hand down Japan's technological heritage to posterity.“I will maintain it forever,” said Hama...  READ MORE

In Other News
Are You Smarter than AI?
Images Expose Weak Spots

Computer vision has improved massively in recent years, but it’s still capable of making serious errors. So much so that there’s a whole field of research dedicated to studying pictures that are routinely misidentified by AI, known as “adversarial images.” Think of them as optical illusions for computers. While you see a cat up a tree, the AI sees a squirrel.There&rsqu...  READ MORE

In Other News
Founder of the Peoples Radio Network

Chuck Harder passed away April 18th, 2018 at age 75.   During the middle 1990s, his syndicated show on his Sun network was second only to Rush Limbaugh with over 300 stations.  Here is one of many recordings of his broadcasts found on YouTube.I remember fondly the quiet, honest and unique For the People, broadcasting from the Telford Hotel in Florida.  Chuck's Peo...  READ MORE

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Flat Earth Programs On WBCQ
Beginning July 8, 2019

WBCQ Programming Schedule:, MAINE -- The world's most powerful radio station, 500,000-watt WBCQ in northern Maine will be transmitting programs around the world produced by a wealthy religious organization proclaiming the earth to be flat.  Daily continuous religious programs from "World's Last Chance" are scheduled to begin July 8 ac...  READ MORE

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