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Skippy Radio
6/21/2020 Excerpts 2300-2315 GMT, 6.925Mhz

Record Date: 6/21/2020Record Time:  2300-2315 UTCReceived Station: Damn Skippy RadioRecording Station: ARS NB9M, Morgantown, INReceiver: Perseus direct-sampling SDRAntenna: 160M full-wave loopRecorder: TASCAM DR-07MKIINotes: Poor band conditions/static crashes.   Typical hard-rock music with SSTV ID bridge (SSTV image not decoded by me)...  READ MORE

Pirate Radio Recordings
The Wes Schum Tapes
Over 2.5 hours of ham radio history!

Central Electronics founder Wes Schum, W9DYV (SK) and dear friend of Nick Tusa, K5EF, discuss Wes' life.   They begin in the 1920s, through the war, how Central Electronics came to be, and how it all ended.  Wes was among the last of the true radio pioneers.  It's not just about those pretty grey phasing boxes from the 1950s - Wes was behind innovations like full QSK a...  READ MORE

Tech Tips from the W9DYV Roundtable
July, 2018 Jonesborough, TN

Thanks to Barry, AC9NK, for cleaning up the valuable audio of this event - he pulled off what I thought would be impossible. Nick, N5EF, hosted a discussion in an open tent at the estate of Wes Schum, founder of Central Electronics, July 2018.   The roundtable was attended by 15-20 experienced vintage electronics enthusiasts, with many years combined experience in repair and restoration...  READ MORE

How NOT to Tune Up!
WA1HLR ("Timtron") loads up ON AIR

I have never figured out why guys like this are revered by radio amateurs.   His rude, long-winded, belch-filled QSOs tie up bandwidth when the bands go long.  This big, self-focused abuser of the airwaves may have the technical talent, but he surely lacks an understanding of proper operating procedure and concern for fellow hams - after being on the air even longer than me (35 yea...  READ MORE

Operational Practice
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