ARUFON - Amateur Radio UFO Net

Nets 0 Comments 04/14/2018

Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

The ARUFON frequency is: 3.845 on 75 meters

The ARUFON time is: Sundays at 8 PM EDT 

The ARUFON ***7/24 *Echo Link Node = 712627

Fellow Swan user and nice guy, Rich, W1RV, is active on this net.

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Bob, W9RAN, announces the VERSA-TR

Featured in the December 2018 issue of QST
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Check Out the National NC-183D!

Thanks to Jerry, K9GAS, for this superb example.
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W9RAN Restores an Eldico TR1-TV

Globe King competitor gets a new life.
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Build Your Own Altair 8800 Personal Computer

Go back to 1974 and the dawn of home computing with this Arduino-based kit
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SK: John Clemens, W0BD

Designer of the Mosley CM-1 Receiver
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The Philo T. Farnsworth Syndrome

Forgotten Relics of Inventor of Electronic TV
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New Arrival: Swan 700CX SS-16B Transceiver

This 1974 powerhouse features two 8950 PA tubes and a 16-pole filter.

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