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Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

We specialize in high voltage capacitors and resistors for tube radios / electronics. We sell high voltage film capacitors, high voltage electrolytic capacitors, silver mica capacitors and AC-rated line filter safety capacitors for tube electronics. We carry 630 volt & 1600 volt Orange Dips and 630 volt, 1000 volt & 6000 volt tubular axial film capacitors. Also for sale are Electrolytic capacitors with long axial or radial leads and high working voltages, ideal for tube radio repairs and restorations. We also carry 500V clamp mount single and dual-section Can electrolytic capacitors with solder lugs. Safety / Interference Suppression and 500V & 1000V dipped silver mica capacitors are also on sale. Our product line includes 630V, 1000V and 6000V tubular metalized polypropylene and metalized polyester film capacitors with axial leads; 630 volt metal-foil polypropylene and metalized polyester orange dips; 630V polystyrene; 1600 volt metalized polypropylene orange dips; 500V & 1000V silver mica capacitors; 400 volt & 630 volt Mylar capacitors; 1600 volt ceramic disc capacitors; ceramic disc X1/Y2 AC rated safety capacitors, metalized polypropylene X2 (across-the-line) and metalized polyester Y2 (line-to ground) safety & interference suppression capacitors and radial, axial and can type electrolytic capacitors and capacitor clamps. 

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