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Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

3.5 million vacuum tube types, valves, grid caps, sockets and capacitors in stock.  It is easy for antique collectors, ham radio operators, audio enthusiasts, broadcast enthusiasts and amateur radio hobbyists to buy, sell and trade vacuum tubes, electron tubes, audio tubes, valves, grid caps, sockets and capacitors.

Buy, Sell, or Swap your tubes. ESRC1 Vacuum Tubes is always buying vacuum tubes for our inventory. No list is too small or too large.

   Welcome to, the most trusted radio station search engine on the Internet. We have links to over 15,300 radio stations' web pages and over 11,000 stations' audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.Just enter your zip code, and be amazed at what you can listen to!...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  05/20/2019 
   David has a lot of useful information for Cushcraft tribander owners....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  05/14/2019 
   The Finest Hour of Ham RadioEvery Wednesday at 7:30PM CST on 3.870 MHzCheck this site out for audio of all the nets!...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  05/08/2019 
   Instead, the S/360 proved to be the most successful product launch ever and changed the course of computingA short list of the most transformative products of the past century and a half would include the lightbulb, Ford’s Model T—and the IBM System/360. This mainframe series forever changed the computer industry and revolutionized how businesses and governments worked, enhancing produ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  05/01/2019 
   If you own Swan products, you'll love this catalog.  Arguably, Swan's best products are found here, including accessories and antennas.If you have the Swan twins, the 600R & 600T, there is a lot of information here.A big thanks to Andrew, KD5PUR, for sending me a copy of this catalog.  Unfortunately, the ravages of time had taken its toll on that copy, but I was able to ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/28/2019 
   Here are a few selected pages from the 1973 Trigger Electronics catalog.  Trigger Electronics was based out of River Forest, IL and was full of ham and CB gear, two-way accessories, audiophile products, kits, books and test equipment.  As a teenager, I would wear out these magazines - dreaming - but never had the money to order from them....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/28/2019 
   Thirty fun-filled pages of Super Values for the vintage electronics enthusiast!  I received this in the mailbox in 1975, around the time I graduated from high school.  I'm not sure how many of these flyers have survived, but this one is in excellent condition.  Enjoy!...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/28/2019 
   The guys on the FoxTango reflector all agree: Buddy's videos on the FT-101 series are a treasure.  If you have a Yaesu hybrid, you WILL pick up some valuable knowledge here....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/26/2019 
   Larry, WB9FHP, maintains a comprehensive list of daily and weekly nets on the HF and VHF bands in the Indiana and surrounding states....  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/19/2019 
   Bob, W9RAN, has scanned and made available to all Boys Fun Book - Things to Make and Do, which contains instructions on building the "Foxhole Radio" (constructed with a razor blade).  I remember Dad told me about these, but I've never seen a working example.  Bob and his father successfully built one.  ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/19/2019 

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Bob, W9RAN, announces the VERSA-TR

Featured in the December 2018 issue of QST
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Check Out the National NC-183D!

Thanks to Jerry, K9GAS, for this superb example.
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W9RAN Restores an Eldico TR1-TV

Globe King competitor gets a new life.
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Build Your Own Altair 8800 Personal Computer

Go back to 1974 and the dawn of home computing with this Arduino-based kit
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SK: John Clemens, W0BD

Designer of the Mosley CM-1 Receiver
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The Philo T. Farnsworth Syndrome

Forgotten Relics of Inventor of Electronic TV
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New Arrival: Swan 700CX SS-16B Transceiver

This 1974 powerhouse features two 8950 PA tubes and a 16-pole filter.

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