Central Indiana Skywarn

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Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

I can honestly say that our old ARIES infrastructure was in shambles.  Mark, N9GDR, has for years now has driven much-needed authority, professionalism and technology into our severe weather reporting.  I first met Mark around 1974, when he was a Novice, and I swapped him something for an Ameco AC-1.

Central Indiana Skywarn Net linked repeater system

146.970MHz -600kHz pl 77.0 W9ICE
442.650MHz +5MHz pl 77.0 W9ICE

147.045MHz +600kHz pl 173.8 N9KYB

Freetown (near Seymour)
147.435MHz simplex pl 77.0 W9ICE

443.775MHz +5MHz pl 88.5 KA9VXS

Russiaville (near Kokomo)
442.525 +5MHz pl 131.8 N9KYB

Scipio (Jennings County)
442.975 +5MHz pl 103.5 KC9TME

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