Indiana Historical Radio Society

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Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

The INDIANA HISTORICAL RADIO SOCIETY ( IHRS ) is an association of individuals who are "Preserving for Posterity" 
memorabilia of the radio industry. Members are avid collectors  of vintage, antique, classic or military receivers.

Members also collect speakers, tubes, headphones, related advertising items, early wireless magazines, recordings of radio 
programs, hi-fi equipment, amateur radio gear and early TV's.

Currently, the collecting interests of the members are expanding into  radios  produced in the second half of the Twentieth Century. 
Early transistor sets are being researched and collected.

Many members are amateur radio operators.

IHRS has grown from the original thirteen charter members in 1971 to an international organization with over 200 members. 
All true radio historians are welcome. Husband and wife, brothers, father and son, etc. at the same address are accepted as one 
Membership. The IHRS Membership Year is from January 1 to December 31.

Four meetings are held each year in different areas of Indiana. Guest speakers present programs pertaining to the Golden 
Age of Radio. Old receiver contests, exhibits of radio and electrical equipment, auctions of old receivers and parts, flea 
markets, and swap meets are only a part of the activities planned for each year's calendar.

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