Acom 1010 Linear Amplifier Procured

Recognizing Radio Amateurs 0 Comments 11/14/2017 

Thanks to David, W8UAB

Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

I'm delighted with this Acom 1010 amplifier, purchased from David, W8UAB via QRZ.COM.  David went out of his way to pack it and send it to me after we abandoned the idea of meeting in eastern Ohio.

This amp is as fault-tolerant as it gets.  Design and build quality is first-rate, with a single Russian ceramic GU-74B tetrode .  Mated with the old Heathkit 2060A, which feeds the Super Hoosier Dynaloop, loading up is smooth and simple.

Eham reviews for this amplifier can be found here.

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