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July 19-21 Slidell, Louisiana

Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

New Venue-Expanded Topics-Boneyard/Tailgating

Interested in the full spectrum of vintage HF SSB/AM radio rig restoration, electron tubes, homebrew rig construction and even SDR?  Looking for just a good old-fashioned summertime hamfest/boneyard?  Or an XYL-sanctioned opportunity to visit New Orleans and the National World War II Museum?

Here’s a can’t-miss event, just for you.

Beginning on July 19th, a full two-days of technical and homebrew equipment seminars await you, coupled with an exciting Slidell hamfest hosted by the Ozone Amateur Radio Club (

Current forums include: 

Receiver Performance Verification and Enhancement, Rob Sherwood (Sherwood Engineering);

Transmitter Audio Processing, Bob Heil K9EID (Heil Sound);

Receiver Audio Enhancement, Bob Heil K9EID (Heil Sound);

Low Noise Antennas for 160/80M Dxing, Ted Saba KN5O

Working 630 Meters – Our Really Low Band, Rob Sherwood (Sherwood Engineering)

The Elusive Collins S-2 Line, David Beckler (N0SAP)

Restoring the Cosmophone 35, Nick Tusa (K5EF)

The Drake TR8 Prototype Saga, David Assaf (W5XU)

High Performance HF Amplifier Construction, Ron Scalise (WA5ZFP)

SDR and Amateur Radio, Emile Diodene (KE5QKR)

SDR Design Ideas, Carl Fedrowisch (KG5NXY)

Plus: The How’s and Why’s of Buck-Boost Transformers; DX-pedition Planning; Vintage Radio Restoration Hints; and more! The forum agenda continues to grow, so please visit the Central Electronic website for details.  Host hotel and National WW-II Museum discount information is on the website.  

*** 7/22/2019 Upate from Nick, K5EF ***

An outstanding show this year.  First off, donating and were asking about plans for next year.  Second, it was often standing room only.  The conference room held 60 seats, most all were taken.  Third, having the presentations span the old (vintage & restoration) and the new (SDR-new equipment performance) drew a variety of people in.  While many floated in and out during the two days, every presentation was “full house” attended and the questions were all solid ones.  We had some great food and good weather.  It didn’t hurt that we had three of Ham Nation’s four key guys here…only one missing was Gordon West.  The Slidell Hamfest was sold out with respect to tables and so the hamfest organizers, too, were quite pleased. 

Holding this near a major city and allied with a hamfest appears to be the key.  People were excited about the many topics discussed as no typical hamfest has this vintage/restoration/homebrewing part. So, back to the discussion we tossed around last year – two venues:  the South (Slidell/NOLA) and the Midwest (St. Louis area, for example)?  


Favorite HF Nets

Sell/Swap, Vintage Radios & More
Category: Nets
All times are in Eastern unless otherwise indicated.  Frequencies are in Megacycles. Recommended HF NetsNet NameDayTimeFREQ/ModeSwan Technical NetWednesday2200 UTC14.2925 +/-  /USB3898 Traders NetWednesday8 PM3.938 / LSBBoatanchor NetWednesday7:30 PM CST3.870 / LSBWA9ZTY Vintage AM GroupSaturday7:30 AM3.885 / AMMidwest Classic Radio NetSaturday8:30 AM3.885 / AMSwan Technical NetSatu...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  08/29/2019 

W1LSB Finds an EBay Treasure

This 1964 WRL catalog was addressed to Major General Butch Griswold – K0DWC
Category: Vintage Manufacturers
I was first licensed as a novice in 1958, and the WRL catalog was really dominant in those days, with the Globe King, Globe Champ,  and all of the lesser models gracing its pages.  I had a Globe Chief 90 and often dreamed of owning the bigger iron in those pages.   I have since collected most of the WRL catalogs from 1954 to 1964, and the last one turned out to be an interestin...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  04/30/2019 

Crazy EBay Prices!

Pictures of radio suckerbait on the world's largest online auction!
Category: Crazy EBay Prices!
Below are some screen shots of incredible prices demanded by some EBay vendors.  Since posting an auction is free as long as the item is not sold, it costs nothing for the unscrupulous vendor to display their (often unremarkable) wares as if they were priceless artifacts.  Enjoy. ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  03/22/2019 
   These excellent examples of the Swan Twins are from the estate of John Thuren, AA5T of Houston, Texas.  John had checked in to the 20M Swan net with these very desirable "big Swans" until a few years ago. A big thanks to Eddie, NU5K, who handled John's estate and placed these on EBay.  He packed them well, knowing they are indeed an important find.  Also...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  12/21/2018 
   W9RAN started playing with RTL-SDR dongles about 6 years ago, and knew they were going to have a big impact on the radio hobby.   But since these $15 receivers only tuned the VHF and UHF bands, he designed a wideband upconverter to make HF coverage possible, and described how it worked in an article in Jan. 2013 QST "Cheap and Easy SDR".   The "RANVerter" as...  READ MORE
- Robert Nickels (rnickels),  08/09/2018 

2018 Cave City Hamfest

Cave City, Kentucky, 3/3/2018
Category: Activities
Barry, AC9NK and I attendended the 2018 Cave City hamfest, which was awesome this year.  The facility was packed, with lots of vendors.  We enjoyed the company of my friend Tom, N4LID for dinner the night before. Tom, who is blind, had not been able to get to the hamfest for many years.  You will find more pictures at the Kentucky Phone Net site.  A big thanks to Rod, N4ZIF, fo...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  03/04/2018 
   For nearly five years, spanning 1978 - 1983,  I worked as an Electronics Technician in the original Bearcat manufacturing and service facility in Cumberland, Indiana.  Electra was one of the best places I've ever worked, and were among the many innovative consumer electronics companies which sprang up in and around Indianapolis.  Al Lovell, a former employee of Regency (also in ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  02/22/2018 
   The tube-type Linear Master Oscillators (“LMO”) used in the Heathkit SB-Line equipment is a very stable and accurate means of controlling the frequency in the equipment. Unfortunately, as the units age, many LMOs develop a “warble” when tuning. This “warble” usually stops when the frequency control knob is not rotated. However, accurately “zero-beating&rdq...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  02/08/2018 

NB9M Studio C Installed

A creative solution to managing big boxes in limited space.
Category: The Radio Shack
(Shown: 1/7/2018 checkin with the DX-60 Net on 3880, using the DX-60/HG-10B/HO-10 and the RME-6900)Using furniture-grade 5/8" plywood, simple tools and cold garage during Christmas vacation, I constructed Studio C, which occupies the south wall of the shack.  Exploiting a sturdy, existing cabinet with drawers that I've had since I was a kid, I devised a scheme to reliably handle the ...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  01/07/2018 

Remembering Fielden Farrington (1909-1977)

CBS announcer, writer, author and announcer
Category: OTR
Remembering Fielden FarringtonAuthor, announcer and long-time CBS writer Fielden Ward Farrington was born July 4, 1909 in Clinton, Indiana.  He was my great-uncle; the younger brother of my grandmother, Thelma (Farrington) Stone.  Two weeks prior to his birth, his older brother Leo passed away with scarlet fever.  Fielden's father Harry, a talented carpenter, built the hous...  READ MORE
- Bradley Stone (UncleBrad),  12/16/2017 

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SK: John Clemens, W0BD

Designer of the Mosley CM-1 Receiver

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