New Arrival: Swan 350C & 117XC

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Thanks to Dean, K4ATR

I've had lots of Swan 350's in the past, but this one is by far the best, and will stay at this QTH with my other Swan keeper: the model 400.  This 350C was built in February 1968 and sold to Amateur Electronic Supply in Wisconsin (per Stu, K4BOV) and sold to a ham in Texas.  Stu also reported that approximately 1100 of these 350C's were made, and this one was one of the very first ones produced.

It was fitted with 6MJ6 finals, and really works up a head of steam.  It's super clean, recapped, cosmetically beautiful and absolutely operational.  As a plus: I have the original box for the transceiver and the manual, as well as a Shure 444 (my favorite mic, which is always a good choice for these Swans and Drakes).

Swans have a way of cutting through QRM and poor band conditions.  This one hits nearly 375W on transmit voice peaks, and receive is super lively.  The 350 series is known for being drifty, but this 350C is stays put after warming up for 15 minutes or so.  Not a trace of hum.

Thanks to Dean, K4ATR, for letting this one go on EBay, and for meeting me at the Columbus, IN hamfest rather than trying to ship this gem.  

You can find the devoted Swan folks on 7.235Mhz, Saturdays @ 2PM EST for technical discussions.


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