Tech Tips from the W9DYV Roundtable

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July, 2018 Jonesborough, TN

Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

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Thanks to Barry, AC9NK, for cleaning up the valuable audio of this event - he pulled off what I thought would be impossible.

Nick, N5EF, hosted a discussion in an open tent at the estate of Wes Schum, founder of Central Electronics, July 2018.   The roundtable was attended by 15-20 experienced vintage electronics enthusiasts, with many years combined experience in repair and restoration.

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Skippy Radio

6/21/2020 Excerpts 2300-2315 GMT, 6.925Mhz
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The Wes Schum Tapes

Over 2.5 hours of ham radio history!
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How NOT to Tune Up!

WA1HLR ("Timtron") loads up ON AIR

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Print an Arduino-Powered Color Mechanical Television

Anyone with a 3D printer can make a new twist on the oldest type of TV
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Magnetic amplifiers, the alt-tech of the Third Reich, lasted into the Internet era
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KA6LMS – Special Radio Event

Last Man Standing Swan Song: Jan 24 - 30, 2021