NB9M Shack Construction, 2008

The Radio Shack 0 Comments 08/04/2017 

160M - 440MHz

Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

The hamshack is the result of a lot of thought. Featuring four 120V circuits on 200A service, as well as a 240V circuit for the amps, the idea was to have at hand dedicated equipment per band.  About 12 'X 18', carefull planning allows for sufficient room to both work and play.

The shack is air conditioned and heated, with numerous switched antenna options for HF/VHF and UHF.  Primary antennas are a 160M full-wave loop and an antique Wilson System One tribander (an excellent trapped antenna, if you can find one).  There are also two slopers, a 10M/CB vertical up 30' and both directional yagis and omnidirectional vertical options for above 30Mhz.