NB9M Studio C Installed

The Radio Shack 0 Comments 01/07/2018 

A creative solution to managing big boxes in limited space.

Posted By: Bradley Stone (UncleBrad)

(Shown: 1/7/2018 checkin with the DX-60 Net on 3880, using the DX-60/HG-10B/HO-10 and the RME-6900)

Using furniture-grade 5/8" plywood, simple tools and cold garage during Christmas vacation, I constructed Studio C, which occupies the south wall of the shack.  Exploiting a sturdy, existing cabinet with drawers that I've had since I was a kid, I devised a scheme to reliably handle the irrationally huge and heavy Apache, Mohawk, NC-303 and NC183D.  

Studio C is currently fed by the Studio A switched and tuned Super Hoosier Dynaloop routed through conduit clamped overhead.  Yet another ground needs to be driven outside the shack to accomodate these big ones.